Seawright Wins on RI; Teachout Score Shows Dissatisfaction with Cuomo

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On Roosevelt Island, Rebecca Seawright won the Roosevelt Island vote for nomination to the New York State Assembly, scoring 87 votes higher than her nearest competition, Gus Christensen.  The counts from votes recorded at PS/IS 217: Seawright 211, Christensen 124, Ed Hartzog 69, David Menegon 52.

Zephyr Teachout gave Governor Andrew Cuomo a good run for his money on the Island, pulling 211 votes to Cuomo’s 233.  Randy Credico pulled 24 votes, so that Cuomo’s tally at PS/IS 217 was two votes short of 50%.  While New York State voters gave Teachout 34% of the vote, on Roosevelt Island, her percentage was 45%, indicating an even higher level of dissatisfaction with the governor than exists State-wide.

Results for voting at Coler Hospital were not made available to poll watchers or reporters, in a breach of both tradition and regulations.

Trellis Closed

Posted in Volume 34, Issue 21 - August 30, 2014

The last day for the Trellis you know was Sunday (September 7).  As of the 8th, the eatery shut down for a renovation. The architect’s rendering above shows what it will look like at night (minus the rest of Island House, which will remain above what’s shown here).  Reopening is at least two months away.

Parent Gripes on Tot Lot Go Unsatisfied

Written by Susana del Campo Perea. Posted in Volume 34, Issue 20 - August 2, 2014

It has been a year since the “Tot Lot” east of Blackwell House was replaced by Hudson/Related with something parents say just isn't for tots.

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