Stroller Moms Lament: Tramway Elevators Down

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RIOC announced on Friday that elevator service has returned to the Manhattan Tram station.  But on Thursday night at a RIOC Board meeting, members of the Roosevelt Island Parents Network (RIPN) lined up to condemn, plead, excoriate, impugn, and generally blame RIOC for the fact that elevator service had been down for an extended period.

Sudden Change
RIOC to Charge MST For Cultural Center

The Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance is about to become a paying tenant in space it “owned” for three decades. Fees imposed by RIOC are likely to require a reduction in the organization’s programs.

Guest Editorial:
Who’s Got Our Back?

Is anybody watching out for Roosevelt Island?

The RIRA Column

What's to become of the Main Street Theatre?  Has RIOC gone too far?


Posted in Volume 35, Issue 10 - February 14, 2015

Building numbers!  Please!  And is The WIRE getting grumpy?

Councilmember: State of the District

City Council Member Ben Kallos staged a State of the District event.

RIOC to Spend $37M Capital

RIOC is doubling its capital spending in the coming fiscal year.

Trellis Delayed; Retail Concerns

Islanders can put their plans for dinner at Trellis on hold, again.

Throw caution to the (icy, icy) wind with these indoor/outdoor activities.

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