MST OK on RIOC Plan for Rental Costs

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The RIOC Board's real-estate committee met Thursday night (March 19) in a well-attended session to discuss, in public, its plan for management of the space heretofore occupied without charge by The Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST). Afterward, John Dougherty of the MST Board said the organization feels good about what's in store once the full RIOC Board adopts the plan as expected, in its March 26 meeting.

Seawright's Early Start in Politics

Rebecca Seawright’s first dive into politics came when the county leader of her 4H group was fired without explanation.

Selma: Tragedy and Triumph

Islanders Todd Jagerson and Jennifer Dunning were there 50 years ago when Bloody Sunday spelled the start of something big.

Cornell Provides Barging Figures

Cornell has been listening. In a Cornell Community Task Force meeting last week, the University supplied the trucking and barging specifics that the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) has been seeking.

RIOC: Pay Advance Rent for Chapel

RIOC wants the Island’s Catholics to pay advance rent – three months’ worth – for advance scheduling of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.

Lack of Elections, Lack of Choice

What can be done about RIOC and the RIOC Board of Directors?

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