Questions Remain on Cornell’s Commitment On Barging vs Trucking

by Briana Warsing

To date, all the work on the site south of the Queensboro Bridge has been demolition, with most of the debris removed by barge, limiting the number of trucks using Main Street. But, according to the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC), there are still unresolved issues of how heavy the future truck traffic will be.


Albany, O, Albany

It’s become a cliché that New York State is ruled by “three men in a room.” One of them, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, is now stepping aside while under the pressure of a federal investigation.

compiled by Sara Maher

February is upon us, and on a Sunday in February, humankind’s greatest battle will commence.

Deadline January 30 for CB8 Applications

by Sara Maher      Jan. 25, 2015

Applications are open for Community Board 8.

“Even before 9/11, I wanted to be a firefighter,” she says. “It was in my mind when I was just a young girl. I just loved the thought of putting out fires and helping people – graduating from the Fire Department Academy is a dream come true.”

Characters at Dusk Exhibit Features Islander Dan Nistor

review by David Stone

The Red Sweater

There are gallery shows that satisfy your appetite for art, others that are a little disappointing. A very few exceptional shows leave you wishing for more. Dan Nistor’s Characters at Dusk at RIVAA’s gallery in the lobby of The Octagon, 888 Main Street, is one such show.

City Offers ID Cards With Incentives

It’s time to turn our attention to an historic initiative that will truly benefit New Yorkers: the launch of IDNYC, a free municipal photo identification card for all City residents as young as 14.

Gwen Acsadi, a/k/a Gwynne Forster, Has Died

Posted in Web Extras

Roosevelt Islander Gwen Acsadi has died, according to word received at The Main Street WIRE.  A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, January 24, at 11:30, at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. 

A longtime Island resident, Gwen Acsadi worked for the United Nations as a demographer.

But, in addition, writing as Gwynne Forster, she was the virtual inventor of the fiction genre, the black romance novel.  In that category, she was the highly successful author of more than 20 books.  Several years ago, she judged a short-story contest for The WIRE.

It’s frigid and grey on Main Street, but Coach Scot’s Main Street Sweets is warm and welcoming, as is Coach Scot himself.

When a New York teenager sets out to write a guide for teen tourists in the Big Apple, you might expect a “New Yawk” approach: sassy, sarcastic, and just plain funny. Lucy Cappello’s debut book also teaches you how to be a New Yorker.


• Roosevelt Island now has Freecycle, courtesy of RIRA Common Council member Susy del Campo Perea. It’s an opportunity to give away useful items you no longer need, or to ask for things you do need. You can join at, and it’s all free. (The site also seeks two volunteer moderators; write to

• NYC Neighborhood Library Awards are on again, giving Islanders a chance to nominate their favorite NYPL branch. Nominations go to ­, or they can be submitted in person at the library. There’s $20,000 in prize money (for the library) at stake. Last year, 4,300 New Yorkers sent in nominations.

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