Coldest Winter

Posted in Volume 35, Issue 11 - February 28, 2015

Ice on the East River

The season’s extended periods of low temperatures have brought ice back to the river for the first time in many years. This was the view from a Tram cabin on Tuesday, just after a tug and tow cut a path.

Seawright Promises a Bill on Self-Governance

Posted in Volume 35, Issue 11 - February 28, 2015

“Is Roosevelt Island in the house?” asked Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright, as she spoke at her inauguration event last Sunday. Roosevelt Islanders were there, and they responded enthusiastically. “My office is already drafting legislation to address the governance of Roosevelt Island that takes into account the governor’s veto of past legislation while maintaining the principle of increased community representation,” Seawright said.

The RIRA Column

It’s hard to believe, given the extreme temperatures and winter storms that our little Island has had to endure over the past couple of months, that, as you read this column, it will be the last day of February and only three weeks (specifically, 20 days and counting) until the first day of spring.

February is almost over.  Stop pretending you care about those pesky resolutions to “expand your mind” and “better yourself.”  You know what you like.  Find it below.

Delays on Fix of Tram Elevators a Hardship for Many

Posted in Volume 35, Issue 11 - February 28, 2015

“Yesterday morning was a nightmare.” That’s a member of the Roosevelt Island Parents Network (RIPN), commenting on the absence of elevator service at the Manhattan Tram station, and the lack of help on the stairs there. The distress appeared to be widely shared.

Artist's Medium: Sweet Shop Window

Posted in Volume 35, Issue 11 - February 28, 2015

Autumn Ashley has the kind of personality that makes you forget everything you’ve ever heard about the dour nature of the year’s third season. Yes, she was born late one fall some 25 years ago, and yes, her mother liked the season, but those may be her only connections with the time of year when light gives way to creeping darkness. She’s as bright-eyed and enthusiastic as a gardenful of spring daisies.


New York State, under Governor Andrew Cuomo, is subsidizing a commercial real estate operation. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, under Cuomo’s appointee Charlene Indelicato, is complicit. Perhaps unwittingly, the RIOC Board of Directors is also complicit.

Community Column: RIWHO

Posted in Volume 35, Issue 11 - February 28, 2015

The Roosevelt Island Women’s Health Organization (RIWHO) was founded by Patricia Stovall and me because we believed that our combined experiences, as survivors of major illnesses, would encourage and inspire others to take a proactive role in their healthcare and lead to personal empowerment. Patricia and I are both licensed social workers as well.

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