Digital Wayfinding Off the Table for Now

“We got waylaid in our wayfinding for too long, pusuing the holy grail of the electronic system, said David Kramer of Hudson/Related on Tuesday evening, as he explained to the Real Estate Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors why a digital system has been discarded, at least for the immediate future.  

In developing a demonstration system of signage for the Island, Hudson/Related will go with some kind of printed posting system, possibly resembling the ones used in London, England.

Kramer explained that New York City was working on a digital system, which caused Hudson/Related to hold off on its plans.  “We thought we would piggy-back on the City’s system,” he said, pointing out that it seemed to make sense to have one integrated system across the City, including Roosevelt Island, for maintenance and repair reasons, among other concerns.

“We thought we’d do [a digital system] down the line in two or three or five years if the City designates someone to do it,” Kramer said.  A Kramer associate said that there would be considerable capital cost involved in setting up a system.

Members of the Real Estate committee seemed to agree that Hudson/Related should go ahead with a limited non-digital demonstration system, even though it would not provide for listing events, as RIOC Board member Margie Smith said she was hoping for.

First wayfinding boards would be posted in the Riverwalk area for which Hudson/Related has responsibility, and probably at the Tramway landing on the Island.

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