Islanders Vent Over Con Ed’s Gas Line Plans

One-lane traffic, noise, overnight construction, and greatly improved natural gas service are on the way – and soon – as Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) undertakes construction considered necessary for Roosevelt Island’s energy future. Con Edison has received their permits from RIOC and will be starting the work imminently.

PS 217 Space Shortage, Parent Outrage

Interest in PS/IS 217’s Pre-Kindergarten (pre-K) Program, and the school’s Gifted & Talented (G&T) Program, far exceeds available space for the coming school year, and parents of waitlisted children are frustrated at their placements in off-Island schools, some as far away as Chinatown.

Islanders Mourn Charleston Victims

It was a church like others, though with a long, rich history. The 12 men and women were ordinary human beings who had stayed after services for Bible study that Wednesday night, as they often did. They welcomed the young stranger who joined them, expecting, perhaps, that he was searching for God or a loving extended family like theirs.

But suddenly the young man opened fire.

Editorial: PS/IS 217 - The Heart of Our Community

As you all know by now, there’s a baby boom on the Island, which has led to an increased interest in PS/IS 217 among Island parents. This is good news. From the late 1970s, soon after it opened, PS/IS 217 was always one of the best schools in District 2. Unfortunately, the building of the new facility in the early 1990s seemed to coincide with the school’s downturn.

New Resident Hits Broadway

George Bernard Shaw said, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

Island resident Lynn Shore takes Shaw’s words and puts them into action with his new original musical, Happy 50ish, which began playing at the Beckett Theater on Theater Row July 15.

Let’s be honest. At this point, you’re a little summer-ed out. Wind down the endless summer with these easy, breezy events.

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