Bikes were my primary means of transportation in Brooklyn for a quarter-century – I was an almost-daily cyclist. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my tasks/errands/commuting to school/work without a bike.

RIOC Announcements:

The Tram Elevator is Down.

The Tram Elevator is Working.

The Tram Elevator is Down.

The Tram Elevator is Working.

The Tram Elevator is Down.

(Rinse and Repeat.)

by Briana Warsing

If comedy equals tragedy plus time, then the elevator situation at the Manhattan Tram station is now officially laughable.

Community Column: Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Lubavitch of Roosevelt Island was founded in July 2006. My husband, Rabbi Zalman, and I moved to Roosevelt Island with our little son, Mendel, and instantly fell in love with the community. Our hope is to foster the love and sense of community unique to Roosevelt Island by celebrating Jewish experiences, Shabbat, holidays, and life cycle events together, and to welcome anyone seeking to share in these experiences.

New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken, but Summer Resolutions are made to be enjoyed. Squeeze as much as you can into these warm September days by rounding out your beach-filled bucket list with these hot happenings. Summer ain’t over until it drops below 85, right?

The RIRA Column

Public purpose funds, open council seats, and Community Board 8

The Cornell Column: Coding Programs

The students carefully enter the data they painstakingly collected into the computer program they had just learned to write. Taken line by line, the code first seemed like a foreign language, but when it finally ran, a bar graph appeared on the screen charting a correlation between birds and trees on Roosevelt Island.

No Action on Helix & Bike Safety

Following a July incident in which a cyclist was injured when he was struck from behind by a passing car while riding up the Island’s helix ramp, both the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) have considered ways to make Island access and egress safe for cyclists, resulting in a lot of back and forth, inaction, and ultimately a “soft ban” on bicycles from the helix.

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