Cornell Tech Campus Rising Fast

by Sara Metzidakis

Cornell Tech gave representatives of area media their first construction site tour this week.

RIRA Recommends Public Purpose Grants

Nine Roosevelt Island organizations will share in $100,000 of Public Purpose money, if the Board of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) accepts the recommendations voted on last week by the Common Council of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA).

Girl Scouts Plant Apples

iDig2Learn, in a partnership with Trees New York, planted five apple trees last Wednesday between the Roosevelt Island Garden Club and the Octagon soccer field, coining it an “urban Apple orchard.”

Priest Diverted Thrift-Shop Funds

Over a three-year period during his service as Roosevelt Island’s Catholic priest, the Rev. Peter Miqueli paid himself significant amounts of money from the proceeds of the St. Frances Cabrini Thrift Shop, The WIRE has learned. Funds from auxiliary operations like a Thrift Shop are supposed to become part of the operating funds of the parish, according to a church official, not for a priest’s personal use.


  • Amalgamated Bank has set its 2015 Holiday Toy Drive in motion. Toys (unwrapped) for ages 2-16 can be donated through December 11 at the local branch. Games and gift cards are also welcome. The gifts will be distributed through a local charity.
  • On Saturday, November 28th, the NYC Compost Project will come to the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Residents can drop off kitchen scraps, which will go to a local composting site under the Queensborough Bridge on Vernon Blvd.  The compost created will be used locally for street trees, parks, and urban gardens. Sponsors are the PTA of PS 217, the Girl Scouts, and the Roosevelt Island Garden Club. To volunteer, contact Big Reuse or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The Cabrini Parish is accepting donations of clothing, jewelry, household goods, books, toys, furniture (except beds & bedding), for a flea market to start in December. Donations go to 564 Main Street, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Call Sue at 630-202-2846 to have items picked up.

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, the world is at sixes and sevens, the Mets lost the World Series – and what exactly do we have to be thankful for on Roosevelt Island?

The RIRA Column

Public purpose funds, community polling, PS/IS 217 gifted and talented forum and more...

We got through Halloween, which means it’s time for… Christmas? Not so fast, folks! There is plenty to do between now and Chrismahannukwanzaakah, and none of it involves lining up for a midnight sale (but if you decide to stay up all night waiting for one of the following events, we certainly won’t judge you.)

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