ConEd to Deliver High-Pressure Gas

They’re ba-ack! Con Edison hopes to start work this Sunday evening connecting gas to our new gas main, representatives from Con Edison (ConEd) informed Islanders in a presentation before the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Wednesday night. Although they are still awaiting final permission from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), that permission seems likely. ConEd was clear that none of this work will impact Island gas service.

Editorial: Our Strong Talent Pool

There are some who believe that the creation of new Island organizations represent an existential threat to long-time institutions. In furtherance of this narrow vision, some among us seem more interested in pitting Islanders against each other than in opening opportunities for more and more of our neighbors to participate in our community and, thereby, become fully vested Islanders.

The RIRA Column

Our little ship in the East River has been humming with activity as the doldrums of winter are shaken off and spring begins in earnest.

Editorial: Blackwell Mansion

Is it too much to ask that our next RIOC President be a Roosevelt Island resident? If a bill proposed by Senator Jose Serrano and State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright makes it through the legislative process and is signed into law by the governor, we may yet see the day when our (still unelected) President is an Islander like us.

Library Designated Literary Landmark

Landmarks aren’t always about looks; sometimes, they are about books! This Tuesday, April 12, 2016, the Roosevelt Island library will be honored with a designation as a Literary Landmark. This designation recognizes the Island’s appearance in a number of prominent literary works and is a great distinction for our library.

Springtime in NYC: The weather report warning us of a deep freeze while the subways blast full AC. Whether you’re willing to risk the rain/wind/sudden heat spells or prefer to remain in climate-controlled environments, there is an F-accessible event for you!

Seniors Consider Safety Needs

Island pioneers who arrived here as youthful 20- and 30-somethings are now senior citizens. According to Rivercross resident Mary Cavanaugh, “Although a lot of us are reluctant to consider ourselves senior citizens, more than 80% of the Rivercross community is comprised of seniors.” Island House and Westview probably share similar numbers.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Roosevelt Island’s rite of spring, the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, will be held at a new location, in Manhattan Park, as the community gathers to celebrate the blossoming cherry trees and Japanese culture on Saturday, April 30. The event is organized by the Roosevelt Island Residents Association’s (RIRA) Social, Cultural and Education Committee (SCE).

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