Retrospective: Tad Sudol

Retrospective 1989-2016 is Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) President Tad Sudol’s current show at Gallery RIVAA.

According to Sudol, process is everything. Sudol’s process involves curating his own paintings, sculpture, photography, and life drawings to make a cohesive show from a large body of work previously exhibited at RIVAA, in New York, and elsewhere.

For this show, Sudol chose his structural abstract paintings and sculpture as well as his life drawings, characterized by their expressive beauty. They are subdued and refined. Together, they create tension and contrast, a balance of opposites through powerful lines and forms.

Sudol’s installation pieces, Pentaptych and Freedom of Religion, showcase his dynamic style; energetic wooden rods explode through metal forms in the center with a painting connected and peaceful on the wall.

Sudol’s interest in the cosmos and universe are apparent in the Collider.

Sudol is an architect, designer, and artist. He fell in love with Roosevelt Island when he first moved here 25 years ago.

As part of the Fall for the Arts Festival this weekend, RIVAA is offering live jazz with Susheel Kurien and amazing guests, as well as Gerald Starlight’s Shakuhachi.

Elsewhere on the visual arts front: Valeriu Boborelu, Georgette Sinclair, and Eunkyoung Park will be teaching pastel and ink painting at the RIVAA gallery this weekend. The Octagon Gallery is showing Fall for the Arts, the RIVAA group show. In the former hardware store’s windows, Marie Triller’s photographs pay tribute to September 11.

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