Halloween Fundraisers: Don a Costume for a Cause

Local Parents Band Together to Protest New Dog Park Site

Main Street Block Party a Fall Hit

Octagon Field Renamed McManus, Tensions Remain

Islanders Enjoy Fall for the Arts Festival

RIOC and RIRA Meet on Back to Back Evenings Last Week

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May 1, 2019

Frankly, while I always liked dogs before moving to Roosevelt Island several years ago, I now find the sheer number of dog-pets on the Island to be extremely annoying, and the number seems to be proliferating (at least, in my apartment building).

One day recently, while I was standing at the front desk speaking with the concierge, a tenant’s dog, who had been taken outside to relieve himself, apparently found it too cold outdoors to do his duty—so his...

April 28, 2019

What is the latest update on the playground updates and repairs? Weren’t there plans to enlarge the playground and redo the sandbox last fall? With summer coming and the kids outside all day, it would be a shame to close them for renovations now. Is there any plans to revise the kids’ sprinklers which could use a major overhaul as well given the rocky sharp surfaces and the poor drainage?

SUSAN: The landscape architecture consultant hired to...

April 7, 2019

When I was in high school in Brooklyn back in the 1980’s, I remember a joke told by a classmate: How can you tell the difference between New Yorkers and tourists? Answer: The tourists are all looking up at the skyscrapers, and the New Yorkers are all looking down at the dog poop.

Had I been growing up on Roosevelt Island, that joke would not have been so relevant, since, until about ten years ago, Roosevelt Island had a bylaw forbidding dogs from eve...

December 10, 2018

It’s a brisk December morning and I am doing something out of character – taking an early morning walk to the dog park. Walking up from the ferry landing with the rising sun splashing onto the eastern bank of the Island and casting geometric shadows from the temporary fencing, I see a blond woman in a beige coat playing catch with a little brown, black and white dog. She tosses a green tennis ball toward the pet who is leaping and running excitedly to...

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