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April 4, 2019

*This article has been updated to reflect the passage of this bill in both houses.

A bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, described as a "good government clean-up bill" by her legislative counsel and serves to update what is known as The RIOC Act of 1984, has been passed in the Senate after being passed in the Assembly in February. It concerns the management and organizational structure of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RI...

January 14, 2019

Three casts comprising a total of 49 children from Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MSTDA) Musical Theater Class will produce the iconic Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast Jr., later this year. If you hear children out and about humming and singing lines from songs like Human Again and Be Our Guest, you’ll know why!

 Kristi Towey (center) is the executive director at MSTDA

But that’s not all to look forward to from longtime Island stalwart MSTDA....

January 7, 2019

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) board passed a resolution at their last board meeting overruling the Roosevelt Island Residents Association’s (RIRA) public purpose fund recommendations, agreeing to take 5% of funds from other applicants and giving that sum to the Carter Burden Network Senior Center. It's a move that undoes years of effort by Islanders seeking some decision-making ability in how funds are spent in their own community.


January 3, 2019

I understand that RIOC has opted to ignore the recommendations approved by the Roosevelt Island community for the distribution of Public Purpose Funds. Specifically, RIOC has authorized giving additional funding to Carter-Burden, a non-resident organization.

Of course, that is RIOC’s privilege and right – the funds are theirs to distribute even though they were generated entirely from the Roosevelt Island community.

Dave Evans, RIRA Pubic Purpose Fund...

December 15, 2018

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation spent much of Thursday night's Board of Director's meeting getting their ducks in a row as they close out 2018, including hirings, getting back to work on the Tram elevator, waterproofing all of the floors of Motorgate, and taking down the green fencing on the DEP site. But that doesn't mean there weren't any fireworks. The Board also took the opportunity to tweak RIRA's Public Purpose Fund recommendations, o...

November 9, 2018

Dave Evans, longtime public purpose-fund committee chair, presented a summary of the committee’s findings at Wednesday evening’s Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) meeting, including their monetary recommendations, to the full RIRA board. He confirmed that all applicants received some portion of what they requested. He also expressed his hope that the increase to $150,000 is a step closer to what is allowed by law, i.e. 3% of the Roosevelt...

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