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March 3, 2019

Islanders taking the Tram in recent weeks land on the south side in Manhattan with a birds eye view of a big hole in the ground where our new elevator is supposed to go – that project’s delay is an added frustration at a time of Tram maintenance necessitating a closed center platform, a soon to be out-of-commission existing elevator (when they switch work to the north cabin), and awkward boarding protocol on both sides. Residents want to hear that thi...

February 22, 2019

New resident impacts to the ongoing $2.1 million tram maintenance work now include four days where there will be no tram service at all. Additionally, concerns about safety have mandated expansion of the work area to include the center platform area in both stations; they could be closed as early as this Sunday. As a result, while the south side work is ongoing, the Manhattan side tram elevator will be closed.

Mike McGuckin, operations and maintenance...

January 20, 2019

Start planning your commutes! Starting the second week of February, and continuing for at least ten weeks, the Tram will be running only one cabin, due to two scheduled major maintenance projects, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) announced Thursday. One cabin at a time will be taken out of service, starting with the North cabin.

Susan Rosenthal, RIOC President

According to RIOC President, Susan Rosenthal, these maintenance projects are...

July 24, 2018

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation held a special Board of Directors meeting Monday night to work through some last-minute business, including the approval of a long-awaited ground lease for the Westview building. RIOC President Susan Rosenthal also offered an update on other Island concerns, including the safety of some public water sources, which have been turned off for the past couple weeks for testing, additional Helix repairs, and the up...

May 25, 2018

During the past decade, road running on Roosevelt Island has become increasingly popular due to the Island’s flat, fast race course and the scenic views along the East River seawalls. 

But recent residents’ complaints about the parking restrictions, noise, and traffic, caused by the 5K and 10K events has led us to review our race permit policy. After meeting with a delegation of Southtown and Roosevelt Island Residents’ Association members this week –...

February 16, 2018

The Roosevelt Island Tram is a beautiful symbol of our Island. Riding it to work every day is one of the best parts of my job as president of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Besides the majestic views from almost 300 feet above the East River, the Tram and the Red Bus (which I also ride daily) are a fun way to listen to and observe the diversity of people, ages, gender, languages, and cultures who visit and live here.

More than 1.35 million...

February 2, 2018

On Saturday afternoon, Islanders will be treated to an encore viewing of the large, red R and I letters proposed for permanent installation at the Tramway Plaza. 

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is staging the repeat performance in hopes of gauging community support for the sculpture, which was designed at the urging of real estate developer Hudson Related, as part of an effort to encourage tourism – and thus foot traffic – on the Isl...

February 1, 2018

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may top Julie Andrews’ list of favorites, but for the cast and crew of NBC’s Today Show, a trip across the East River on our iconic red Tram is what makes the cut. 

From left, Sheinelle Jones, a Today Show and MSNBC news anchor, RIOC Vice President Shelton Hayes, and Dylan Dreyer, an NBC News meteorologist, chat Wednesday during a Today Show taping at the Tram station. Photo from RIOC.

The morning show’s Al Rok...

December 5, 2017

After receiving mixed public reaction to the proposed installation of large, red R and I letters on the lawn in front of the Tramway plaza, an advisory committee of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) postponed its decision regarding the design and placement of the sculpture, and will, instead, try to gather views from residents on the matter. 

At the November 9 meeting of the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee, members argued the...

October 18, 2017

Works of art and public signage are not the same thing. A reader asks why the Island can't have a sculpture that truly reflects what makes us unique – besides our initials.

October 5, 2017

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) has completed negotiation with a contractor for the long awaited renovation of the Tram elevator on the Manhattan side, said RIOC President Susan Rosenthal at a Community Board 8 meeting held at Good Shepherd Community Center Wednesday evening.

 Proposed design for replacement elevators. 

“The entire footprint will change. It’s going to be beautiful, very dramatic, and it will be a statement on Seco...

October 1, 2017

Islanders who have been flooding the subway and ferry to avoid the Tram’s long lines and wait times can breathe a small sigh of relief. According to Mike Russo, engineering consultant for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), the Tramway platform replacement project, which was originally scheduled to wrap up by the end of winter, will be complete by the end of the year (yes, this year). 

In a RIOC Operations Committee meeting held Tuesday,...

September 22, 2017

The Labor Day transit meltdown that left many Islanders waiting in lines for hours, could and should have been avoided with better planning by RIOC.

August 27, 2017

The ferry will never attract commuters so long as they have to pay twice to get to their destinations. The Tram proved that. Matthew Katz offer a lesson in Island transit history.

August 27, 2017

Thousands of visitors step onto the Island every year. Isn't it time we gave them a place to pee?

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