Island in Need of Some TLC

To the Editor,

I am writing today to bring light to an issue that is affecting the overall population of the Island, and that is its maintenance.

There are so many areas that need to have some tender care shown them. Who handles these things? Is there no budget to keep the Island infrastructure up to date?

Some of the areas that need work are the Octagon Soccer field, the path along the river – it’s uneven due to cars driving on it – and the sidewalks all over the Island. I’m sure there are many more areas I could include. The soccer field sheds onto the socks and pants of the players (this cannot be healthy; it is plastic).

This week RIOC did at least replace the rusted out grills at the Octagon. Looking forward to seeing Island upkeep this summer!

Name Withheld

Clothes are often covered with artificial turf after a game at the Octagon soccer field.

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