La Mer Wave Walk Makes a Splash at Two Island Spots

Two new sculptures will grace Roosevelt Island for the next month as part of the City-wide art installation project La Mer Wave Walk, a collaborative effort to raise awareness and funding for ocean conservation projects around the world.

Silent Evolution, by underwater sculptor and environmentalist Jason deCaires Taylor, stands at the top of the Meditation Steps, a face of coral gazing at the Midtown skyline from within a crashing wave. The second sculpture, Thalassophile, a term that describes a lover of the ocean, is on display at Southpoint Park, facing the United Nations. A white wave painted with blues and greens, it was designed by young, up-and-coming, British-based artist Milla Eastwood.

Silent Evolution, by Jason deCaires Taylor, is one of two temporary sculptures gracing the Island through June as part of the La Mer Wave Walk project.

“We are very excited to welcome the La Mer Wave Walk to Roosevelt Island,” says Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal.

Celebrity Status

As part of the La Mer Wave public art trail, 50 influencers, celebrities, and artists – including Rita Ora, Julian Schnabel, Cara Delevingne, Bruce Weber, Sienna Miller, Peter Thomson, and Vivienne Westwood – created wave installations that were then placed in different locations throughout New York City.

All wave sculpture viewings in New York City are free and are on display until June 21. Surfer Laird Hamilton, who designed a wave called Monster Wave on display at Yankee Stadium, says, “The ocean has given me incredible waves. This is my chance to give one back.”

According to Rosenthal, the locations of the Roosevelt Island sculptures were chosen after RIOC, assisted by Tad Sudol of the Roosevelt Island Visual Artist Association, did a site walk through the Island. “The Meditation Steps offered views of the sculpture from both the east and west sides of the Island, including from Manhattan. The west side of Southpoint Park presented an opportunity for residents and tourists alike to view this artwork, while also facing the United Nations, whose World Ocean Day the Wave Walk is coordinated with.”


The project, which was created through a partnership with cosmetic brand La Mer and conservation group Project 0 [Zero], is intended to spread word of the ocean’s significance.

“The La Mer Wave Walk was presented to RIOC by Project 0,” says Rosenthal. “And we found both the cause of ocean conservation important and the beauty of the sculptures that would be on view in line with RIOC’s mission and our community’s passion for art.”

“Besides its incredible beauty, the ocean gives us food, air to breathe, and supports all life on earth,” writes Project 0 board member and actor James Jagger. “Project 0 is raising awareness and funds, and working with ocean conservation organizations around the world to finish the job while there is still time left.”

Take One Home

The Wave displays will coincide with the United Nations World Oceans Day on June 8. Each Wave will be available for bidding via online auction house Paddle8 from May 20 – June 23, with a live auction at Sotheby’s on June 21st. All proceeds from the auction will go to the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund for Project 0 to help restore protected marine areas on a global scale.

“We are honored to have been presented with the opportunity to offer Roosevelt Island these temporary new additions to enjoy,” says Rosenthal, “and hope they will prompt viewers to learn more about the purpose of the La Mer Wave Walk and search out the other unique pieces throughout New York City.”

For information about locations and how to get involved with Project 0, visit

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