It's Past Time for a New RIOC Board

To the Editor:

It is great that we are getting a new RIOC Board, but it has taken too long.

The current RIOC Board has always looked out for themselves or been in foul play or asleep at the wheel; the Rivercross lease extension was such self-interest it should have been investigated. The Anthony Jones situation, where an African-American youth was almost beaten to death by Roosevelt Island Public Safety, happened under this Board, and there was a lawsuit.

And discrimination lawsuits by African-American Roosevelt Island employees happened under this Board. For example, one from Public Safety which was settled, one from the ex-chief counsel had judgments against this Board and the RIOC personnel director, and another is going on now.

What are these lawsuits costing residents whose rent supports Roosevelt Island? How are African-American Roosevelt Island employees and residents supposed to feel? Everyone is hoping that we have better leaders coming to the Island and its employees, and not more corruption and brutality and racism against African-Americans.

Jermaine Washington

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