What Happened to NISI?

To the Editor:

We recently rode the Tram to the Island and stood next to a man wearing a Seattle baseball cap. Seeing that my husband, too, wore a Seattle cap, the man asked my husband if he was from the Island. My husband replied, “My wife was.” The visitor said that he had heard lots about Roosevelt Island and thought he’d visit.

He asked if we had a place to have a cup of coffee. We replied that we had had a coffee shop forever but it has been closed for the past two years and no one knows why. Some say the owner ran off with someone and donated all the money to Trump.

He said, “So no coffee and eggs then?” We said, “’Fraid not.”

As the Tram descended, he asked, “How about an ice cream cone?”

We are growing weary of walking by NISI and seeing it still closed! When can we expect it to open? The old Trellis was a vital part of our community. It was a place to meet, to have a leisurely cup of coffee, a nice lunch, and even an evening meal.

I find it strange that The WIRE has not reported on this delay in some time. The community has a right to know what is happening.

Jeanne Raichle and Roland Elliott

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