Island Library Needs Repairs Now

To the Editor:

It has been over one month since the Roosevelt Island branch of the New York Public Library had to shut down its air conditioner due to a leak. That was the end of the spring – not even summer yet.

The regular programming continued to take place, and one portable air conditioning unit was brought to the children’s area. It was still too hot. So another unit was brought in for the main library area.

Now, almost two months have passed, we have had a heat wave, and still the library is without an air conditioner that actually cools the space. The librarians have to work in temperatures that pass 85 degrees. During the recent heat wave, the library closed early three days in a row because the temperature inside the library reached 90 degrees with 40 percent humidity – with both portable units working! That’s how bad it is.

The community cannot enjoy our library. Our beloved librarians cannot continue working like that. There are days when it is cooler right outside the library door than inside. How is that possible?

We urge either the New York Public Library, the landlord, or whoever is in charge, to resolve the situation.

We ask the community of Roosevelt Island for additional fans, electrical extensions and, if possible, a portable air conditioner (as a donation or on loan until the situation is resolved) so that we can keep enjoying the library, its programs (many of which are geared towards children), and show our librarians how much we care.

Susy del Campo Perea

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