Crumbling Helix is an Accident Waiting to Happen

To the Editor:

Last weekend I drove onto the Island to visit a friend and I was appalled at the state of the helix ramp. The potholes are huge, deep, and extremely dangerous. Had it been any darker, I am sure I would have not seen the holes and damaged my car, and possibly myself.

Upon mentioning this dangerous situation to the friend I came to visit, she informed me that there was a fatal bicycle accident at the bottom of the ramp not too long ago.

What is the holdup in fixing this treacherous situation? I am horrified at the lack of action. Something must be done before there is another serious accident.

Alexis Neophytides

Editor’s Note: The 2014 fatal crash referred to actually took place slightly north of the ramp and was the result of a collision.

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