Not Just a Newspaper

We’ve had a fun, challenging, and deeply rewarding nine months since officially taking over this newspaper. We’re grateful to Dick Lutz and Jack Resnick, who set us up for success and gave us high standards to maintain, and to Dana Agmon, who helped us get on our feet for our first six months.

While finally getting a break this past summer from the hustle of readying a newspaper for press every two weeks, we took the time to think strategically about our future. We are now ready to officially roll out our new website at

We haven’t had a website since last winter, and the one we had prior to that had some significant bugs. So we spent our summer revamping the site. It’s now searchable, contains up-to-date calendar information right on the front page, offers links for submitting letters and event listings, and is optimized for mobile devices so you can take us anywhere. Especially exciting for us, the new site will make it easier to post news between print issues.

By the way, if you aren’t already following us on Facebook (, you should! We regularly post news and links to interesting events there first.

We hope you agree that our new site offers a more readable, more navigable, better organized experience. Its usability is paramount. We want to be a resource for you, and serve as an archive for Island historians.

We’re just getting going so bear with us. As of now, the content extends back through spring of this year. You can also find PDFs of every issue through 2016 in Archives, as well as a full archive that extends back to 1996 at

We would love to hear from you about the changes: email us

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