A Sneak Peek at Nisi, Opening December 4

After three years, a full renovation, a string of bad luck, and persistent rumors of its demise, the former Trellis Diner is officially reopening as Nisi on December 4.

Father-son team, Kaie and Alex Razaghi, offered The WIRE a sneak peek at the renovations and the new menu. The food is modern American with twist of Greek, and is focused on fresh ingredients. According to Alex, the menu will change seasonally. He also expects to add to the menu over time, but says at the moment, they are focused on trying to get the restaurant running smoothly.

"Just be a little patient with us," he says smiling.

To the Islanders that bemoan our lack of a bakery, you’re in luck. The front of the restaurant will offer breads, pastries, takeout and coffee. The breads will be locally sourced from Island baker Pain D’Avignon. Nisi will offer pastries as well.

Kaie said they will now offer two coffee roasts: one similar to what they had before, a mild roast, as well as stronger coffee in a dark roast. They’ll also be able to make specialty coffees like cappuccinos and lattes.

Both owners say they are excited to be back on the Island, and that they are thankful to RIOC, Hudson Related, and all the Islanders who championed their return despite mounting obstacles.

“This is my home. I grew up here," says Alex. "It’s not a community I ever want to leave.”

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