Rats on the Rise

To the Editor:

I am a resident at 475 Main Street. As a dog owner, I spend a lot of time outdoors on the Island and have noticed a disturbing increase in the number of rats.

I see multiple rats a day, particularly around Cornell Tech’s new grounds, along the promenade on that side of the Island, near the Racquet Club, and by the south dog run. I have seen them in flower beds by Riverwalk Place, where garbage is left on the street. I have seen them in public garbage cans and adjacent garbage bags all over the Island, just running on the grass and sidewalks, and under the security guard booths left over from construction.

Yesterday, my dog caught and almost killed a small rat on the grounds of Cornell Tech as it emerged from its nest under a newly planted tree.

Given the recent rise in the number of reported cases of leptospirosis in New York City, I am obviously very concerned for my dog’s health. I am also worried for people on the Island with weakened immune systems.

What is being done to combat this rising rodent population? It is a danger to public health.

Christina Marney, PhD

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