Islanders Stand Together for 2018 Women’s March

About 20 Islanders joined Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright for the January 20 Women’s March in New York City.

Protesters packed Central Park West from Columbus Circle to 86th St. while speakers rallied the crowd, calling for gender, racial, sexual, and ethnic rights and equality, DACA, and more. After an hour of songs, cheers, and applause, a few hundred thousand New Yorkers marched down Sixth Ave., accompanied by a band of all-female drummers and dancers, with posters waving and voices chanting for change.

Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright (fifth from left) with marchers from Roosevelt Island.

As I marched among women, and men, who expressed their anger, frustration, and insistence on equality, I was reminded of the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s movements of decades past. I even recalled the Island’s own version of the Boston Tea Party, also decades ago, when protesters against a RIOC Board devoid of resident representation, threw tea into the East River.

I wondered why, in my 70s, I still had to march to demand what should be basic rights.

Chants of “This is what democracy looks like!” reminded me that none of our freedoms and rights have come easily and we have to keep on doing what we are doing until...

Pink was the color most often seen on January 20 and “Dump Trump” was the chant most often heard. It was an exciting day of protest, unity, and hope and, though weary of marching, I nonetheless felt privileged and moved to be able to do so.

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