What Needs to Be Said

Thank you to everyone who attended the Get Out! screening we co-sponsored a couple of weeks ago. We were so very impressed and encouraged by the turnout and enthusiasm.

For The WIRE, the event represented an intentional shift we’ve been making. In addition to being a “watchdog,” we believe we should also be a good neighbor and play an active role in the community. Part of that is ensuring we are at the heart of critical conversations taking place around the Island – as well as conversations that aren’t taking place, but should.

This newspaper’s mission has always been to unify and inform the community. As we evolve, we are working on exploring more opportunities for engagement in “real spaces,” not just digital or printed ones. By bringing Islanders together – both literally and figuratively – we can help foster and reflect a sense of our community.

Journalists are generally great at telling other people’s stories, but not always our own.

The WIRE was originally started because local news outlets tended to ignore what was happening here. And without the visibility that news coverage offers, it was far too easy for politicians and policymakers to ignore us, too.

As professional reporters and editors, we work hard to offer a forum for community members, groups, and local government, as well as vital context and analysis of local issues. We believe in that mission.

But it’s time to be honest about what it takes, and what we need from you. One of our late longtime editor-publisher Dick Lutz’s deepest wishes was for donations to help The WIRE continue to provide strong reporting, context, and analysis, all of which take time – time that, in our case, is largely unpaid. Printing and mailing this paper are enormously burdensome expenses. Newspapers around the country are shutting down because of the cost of producing them, and we are no different. If you find The WIRE’s coverage of local news and events valuable, please consider donating at mainstreetwire.com/support.

Or donate with your time. We are currently seeking additional writers, editors, and designers to help us tell the Island’s stories.

Lastly, June is Gay Pride month and we’d like to hear the “coming-out stories” of the Island’s LGBTQ community. Send submissions to jjjdunning@gmail.com. Letters must be signed, though contributors may choose whether to use their full name or some variation, nickname, etc., for publication.

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