Marlins Turn a Blind Eye to Issues

To the Editor:

Thank you for your most recent article, “The Marlins Make Waves.” I write in support of this article.

My child swims on the Marlins Swim Team and has been criticized, demeaned, discouraged, and ignored. The current Board is incompetent and biased, propping up the ego of a head coach that would sink many ships. Their recent handling of a bullying incident is witness to their incompetence. Instead of creating an atmosphere where the victims were treated with respect and sympathy, where an apology could be accepted, and the children forgiven, they created a monster – further upsetting everyone involved. They created a “public investigation” committee, whose volunteers all just side with the coach anyway. So what’s the point?

The board seems blind to the fact that a good percentage of the swim team has left since this head coach took over at the end of 2016. With this head coach, my child receives practically no technique training, no encouragement, not much of anything. Instead of looking at diminishing numbers and the big picture, the Board continually goes on about the records achieved by a small minority of kids.

Despite the glaringly obvious signs of a competitive swim team that is failing, there is a baffling cult of parents who support the head coach – I think they might be under the illusion that their children could end up at the Olympics, like the coach did. Articulated concerns and questions are not dealt with lightly by this crowd. There is a prevalent bad atmosphere, and constant whispering among the parents about who did what when, and who dared to criticize the “precious work” of the head coach.

And to the chorus of disapproval from said parents, yes, I am looking for another team for my child. Sadly, it has come to this point.

Name Withheld

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