How Can RIRA Serve You?

To the Editor:

As reported in the May 26 issue of The WIRE, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) is undergoing a full review of its operating modalities.

That review will continue over the next few months as we move toward an election of those Islanders who will serve on the Common Council over the next two years.

During our most recent meeting on June 6, council members received snippets of comments collected from Islanders on how the Common Council will operate in the future in light of a much changed Island. I believe many more Islanders have insightful views.

In that regard, I urge your submission of any comments you might have to The WIRE, the Roosevelt Islander Blog, the Roosevelt Island Daily, or straight to me at

This matter is, in my view, very important to all of us, and it is my hope that our various means of disseminating news and ideas will be a part of the journey under way. The envisioned outcome is a RIRA Common Council that is fine-tuned and in touch with fellow Islanders. Further, it will be a Common Council that is productive in addressing, advancing, and solving issues of concern to all on this Island.

Dave Evans

Project Chairperson, RIRA Objectives

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