Meet the Candidates: Southtown

Sally Ashe

My name is Sally Ashe. I am a new resident of the Island having moved from the United Kingdom into 465 Main Street recently. I would like to become involved in the Island community. I am a research technician by trade but I was also politically active in the UK. I was chair of our local Liberal Democrat Party and as such stood as Borough Council candidate for the Liberal Democrats in May this year. I was also prospective parliamentary candidate for a nearby constituency.

As an active member I listened to residents’ concerns and tried my best to deal with any issues by contacting local government. These problems could range from potholes in the roads, building homes on the very few green spaces within the town and the need for reliable local transport.

I’m really happy to be living on Roosevelt Island and already feel at home here. I would like to help residents and hope that you will vote for me to represent you as one of the Southtown RIRA Building representatives.

Justin Ellis

I'm an attorney with the litigation boutique MoloLamken LLP. I live in 480 Main Street in Southtown. I'm running for the RIRA Common Council because I want to do all that I can to keep Roosevelt Island a truly special place to live.

If elected, I will work to maintain good relationships with - and careful oversight over - RIOC. I will devote my energies to improving the Island's infrastructure. I will fight for a safe community while ensuring that citizens get the respect and rights they deserve. And I will work to bring together all the parts of our vibrant community.

I look forward to serving all of you. Please vote for me this November 6.

Janet Falk

I am Janet Falk, a consultant in Public Relations and Marketing Communications and a 10-year resident of Roosevelt Island.

I have served on RIRA since 2014, both on the Communications Committee and the Nominations Committee.

I also volunteer for the Cherry Blossom Festival. On behalf of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, I contribute articles to The Main Street WIRE and the Roosevelt Islander blog; I also write about the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation for the blog.

I enjoy promoting awareness of events and building connections among community groups. Please vote for me in the Southtown delegation.

Mickey Rindler

My name is Mickey Rindler and I am a resident of Southtown who has lived on the Island for over 10 years.

  • I have been on the Common Council since 2012.

  • I have served on the Constitution/By-Laws, Island Services, and Planning Committees as well as chairing the Ethics Committee which implemented RIRA’s Conflict of Interest policy.

  • Recently, I led the RIRA delegation that met with RIOC to discuss the weekend morning running races and we succeeded in getting commitments from RIOC to move them from Firefighters Field, restrict their length, and to ease parking restrictions.

  • I have represented RIRA in meetings with RIOC about water quality, street parking, and Sportspark.

  • I have been a volunteer for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Blood Drive and RIRA elections.

I am pleased to continue serving our community and help improve our quality of life.

Jennifer Choi Weinstein

I am Jen Choi Weinstein, a mom of two and philanthropy officer for a cancer center.

I am a new resident of Roosevelt Island, and our family fell in love with the neighborhood even before we moved here.

My daughter currently attends the local day nursery, and I am involved with the parent's association.

We love the Island community, and want to help maintain its unique charm.