Early Snowstorm Blankets Roosevelt Island

Photos by Joan Brooks, Rachel Dowling, Miguel Pincay, and Alexandre Tolipan

An unexpected snowstorm, named Winter Storm Avery, blanketed the east coast on November 15 dumping six inches of snow on the Island. The heaviest snow came down during the Thursday evening rush hour. Gridlock stopped many people in their tracks and led to several-hour-long commutes with bumper-to bumper-traffic on the FDR Drive until late at night.

Teachers at PS/IS 217 had to stay at school late into the evening for parent teacher conferences, commuters told stories about their extra-long commutes home, including how inappropriately they were dressed for the weather, and snow families were built by excited kids all over the Island.

The next morning, the rain washed it away, and there is now nothing left of Winter Storm Avery except a little bit of slush.

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