Island Services Committee to Meet on November 30

The Roosevelt Island Resident Association's (RIRA) Island Services Committee, chaired by Wildlife Freedom Foundation founder Rossana Ceruzzi shares a preliminary agenda for their November 30 meeting to be held on the 425 Main Street rooftop at 5:30.

Southtown Dog Run will be moved for construction of buildings 8 and 9

  1. Octagon Soccer field closure

  2. Youth Services: reinstating the music program for kids and adults

  3. Sportspark: Rates, new an old issues

  4. Tree Maintenance

  5. Dog run Update, Scott Piro

  6. Garbage removal issues

  7. F train schedule and weekends / Follow up

  8. Public water fountains/Follow up, Frank Farance

  9. RIOC vehicles parking on grass and sidewalks, Scott Piro

RIRA committees are open to all Islanders; you don't have to be on RIRA's common council to join. If the any of the above issues interest you, or you have other Island concerns not being addressed, you are invited to join or attend any RIRA committee meeting.

The work of RIRA is done largely through its committees, and all Islanders, as RIRA members – of which each and every resident is automatically a member by virtue of your residency on the Island – are eligible to serve on as many committees you wish. Reach out either to Ceruzzi for more information about this committee, or for information about RIRA's other committees.

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