Time for RIOC to Determine PPF Allocations

I understand that RIOC has opted to ignore the recommendations approved by the Roosevelt Island community for the distribution of Public Purpose Funds. Specifically, RIOC has authorized giving additional funding to Carter-Burden, a non-resident organization.

Of course, that is RIOC’s privilege and right – the funds are theirs to distribute even though they were generated entirely from the Roosevelt Island community.

Dave Evans, RIRA Pubic Purpose Fund Committee Chair addresses the common council

Yet, this is the first time in the many years that RIRA’s public purpose fund committee, all volunteers, have done the massive scut-work of determining the allocations that their labors have been ignored. RIRA has devoted the many man-hours required to accomplish this job competently and responsibly, and without any compensation, on the premise that residents know the resident-based and operated 501(c) organizations better than RIOC.

It seems to me that this relationship has run its course. Perhaps RIOC, with its large staff, can determine the allocation unilaterally. To this end, I suggest bringing the question before the Common Council for discussion, debate and a vote.

If that hard work will be second-guessed by RIOC in the future, they should take on the responsibility and also, allow RIRA to again apply for a grant as they once did years ago. RIRA charges members, i.e. the entire residential community, no membership fees and fund raising has always been difficult. RIRA could supplement its 501(c)4 status with a charitable organization, 501(c)3 designation should that be required.

Matthew Katz

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