RIRA Loses a Secretary but Keeps Focus on the Community

Following Scott Piro’s resignation as secretary, I want to ensure we remember our responsibility to all RIRA members - the Roosevelt Island community - and what we are here to do for them.

As such, at January meeting, the Council addressed three things:

  1. How we want to move forward

  2. How we want to treat each other and our community

  3. What next steps we need to take to help us focus on our community needs

Lynne Shinozaki, RIRA President

First, RIRA’s very existence, its preamble, is predicated on the bases of mutual respect and sharing of responsibilities. We can achieve a higher level of respect in the community and with each other if we are willing to treat each other with the utmost respect and professionalism.

What does that mean specifically? RIRA is a 501c4, a not-for-profit business. We need to continue to have professional meetings and a professional record of our business. Our minutes represent how our business conducts itself. They need to record what business transpired. Minutes are not intended to be a transcript of the conversation that went on at each meeting. We are not a public entity nor are we any kind of governmental agency.

To that end, we need to get back on point and remember why we are here. We are here to be the advocates and the voice for QUALITY OF LIFE issues in our community.

How we treat one another reflects who we are. We need to be able to walk into RIRA meetings and be our best selves for this community. We have to earn respect in this community if we want to have it going forward; respect is easy to lose and hard to win back. We need to remember why we are here.

I'd like us to build respect in the community based on what we accomplish. We need to think very seriously about what our goals will be for the next two years. There is way too much talent and wherewithal at this table not to.

Our next steps should be:

  1. That going forward we agree here and now that we will be respectful to each other and to members of our community. That we will work towards adopting a Code Of Ethics that we can all agree to.

  2. That until we have these measures in place we will go out of our way to be respectful of each other.

Former secretary Scott Piro, resigned after the December meeting. He has been a vital and invaluable member of the RIRA. It is my understanding that he will continue to participate as a committee member

We want to thank Scott and acknowledge Scott for the enthusiasm, initiative, hard work and dedication he brought to our organization. I personally found Scott to be a pleasure to work with and will definitely miss working with him. I hope he realizes how deeply we appreciated him.

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