Be Better Neighbors, Pupculture!

New retail tenant Pupculture are bad neighbors! They do not care about us, the residents, and certainly don’t care about our sleep or comfort. They do construction at night. Why cause so much noise in a residential building at 10pm on a Sunday evening?

I don’t even live right above them, but on the third floor. Even with two televisions on, we are still able to hear machine noise that is extremely loud and sounds like a jackhammer. Not only were we unable to put our children to be because of the loud noise, but we also can’t even hear the television!

We informed PSD right away; imagine the seniors and homebound residents that live right above them in 546 Main Street. PSD told us that when they went to shut them down they had to go to the back of the store because the people at the front said they were closed.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first or only example. During Pupculture’s construction phase last month, they routinely parked their vans behind the store, completely blocking the 546 Main Street emergency exit as well as Senior Center garden access. They seem to use that breezeway as their personal street and parking lot, rushing in and out at high speeds even backing in and out without regard to the children going down the red stairs to MSTDA, residents exiting 546 Main Street, and those walking up towards Main Street.

On the day they opened, April 1, at about 5:45pm, one of their vehicles was speeding down the breezeway and turned left where the MSTDA stairs are, almost running over two Daisy Girl Scouts and their mother who had been heading to their Girl Scout meeting. The car not only was speeding, but the driver inside had a dog on the front seat and entered Pupculture through the back. If there had been additional kids leaving or entering MSTDA it could have gotten ugly. The incident was reported to PSD immediately; supposedly they will be taking care of this situation.

A few days later on April 5, Pupculture staff parked in the back, an illegal parking space, for hours. PSD was informed and still they refused to move.

Pupculture van parked behind store disregarding the instructions given by PSD, in an illegal parking space, blocking the 546 Main Street emergency exit

Then again on Thursday April 18 in the middle of the afternoon, the Pupculture van was parked in that space again, this time disregarding instructions given by PSD, creating an illegal parking space and blocking the 546 Main Street building the emergency exits.

Throughout that same week, between April 15-20, Pupculture left at least a dozen opened black trash bags with construction debris spilling out of them, right next to RIOC’s trash can. All it took was a little bit of wind and the contents were blown out making it dangerous for residents and dogs.

It hasn’t even been a month, and Pupculture has shown that they are not good neighbors, and don’t care for the well being of the residents of the building they are renting from. They do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, breaking rules, avoiding paying for parking, and putting children and seniors in harm’s way. When this is going to stop? When they hit someone coming up or heading down those red stairs? Or when there’s a real emergency and our 546 emergency staircase door is blocked and we can’t get out? If they leave their trash out in the open, what about when it’s filled with grooming refuse and dog poop?

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