What You Missed at RIOC's May Board Meeting

Attendees of the May 9 RIOC Board meeting were treated to a shorter meeting than usual, at just over an hour, and some remarks from board member David Kraut who commemorated his 25 years of service.

There might not be a fourth of July event on Roosevelt Island. In her President’s Report, RIOC President Susan Rosenthal explained that since the fireworks this year will be south of the Brooklyn Bridge, there will probably be no visibility from Roosevelt Island.

Charging stations are coming to Motorgate. A study in the garage will be conducted to improve traffic flow, striping, and signage, and ascertain the best location for charging stations. The garage will also be waterproofed. Note: This work will only be completed on the RIOC managed portion of the garage, not the northern section operated by Manhattan Park. Rosenthal affirmed in her President's Report that Motorgate will never close but that motorists who park there will be notified where to park while their area is being worked on. This will be a 15 month project in total and that will start in June.

The new tram elevator design has been approved. (Remember, when the site was dug up in conjunction with the initial foundation design, they realized that the soil was actually backfill from the original Tram elevator built in 1976 rather than structural soil, a load-bearing soil under pavement.) The contractor is awaiting permits and the *hope* is that this project will restart by the end of the summer. The project is expected to take 18 months.

Assistant Vice President of Capital Planning and Projects Jonna Carmona-Graf holds up treated metal being used for seawall railings. Chief Operating Officer, Shelton Haynes to her left. RIOC Operations Committee Meeting, May 7, 2019

You’ve probably all noticed the gaps in the seawall, patched with orange net – that’s because there were defects, like peeling, noted in the finished product. These defects have resulted in a change to the technical specs of the finished product. The new seawalls are warrantied for 20-years, so let’s hope they’re all installed properly before they’re out of warranty.

The new concrete Lighthouse Bridge structure is nearly complete. In February deficiencies in the foundation were found mandating an emergency procurement.

Lighthouse Park construction, April 21, 2019

The youth center renovation, originally scheduled to be completed this past fall, is finally back on track. The new RFP for the project went out in January; necessary because the scope of work turned out to be more extensive than what they had expected. The project will cost $2.2 million and will consist of demolition of the walls, floors, asbestos abatement, windows and electrical. There won’t be any big changes in design with multi-purpose rooms, a music room, and computer workstations downstairs and an upstairs more focused on the younger kids.

The Octagon Soccer field is being delayed again. Though the RFP for the Octagon Field, that included a comfort station and landscaping went out on February 7, there were no bidders. At the March board meeting, they agreed to go forward with a field renovation now, and explained that a new RFP for the comfort station would go out within that week (though at last week's Operations Committee meeting, they predicted it would actually go out next week.) It then came to RIOC's attention that the contractor for the field, LanTek Group, was unable to comply with RIOC's MWBE (minority, women business enterprise) requirements. RIOC applied for a waiver but it was denied. They have asked LanTek to continue planning and they're hoping to get the denial appealed while they look for other ways to get the job done.

Rosenthal and other RIOC personnel have had multiple meetings with different agency city and state agencies regarding plans for FIGMENT, the participatory arts festival coming to the Island on June 1 and 2. Their next meeting will take place on May 15 and Rosenthal referred to it as a “finalization meeting.” She said she feels pleased and comfortable and believes “we are on track to having a fantastic festival.”

As of May 17, board member David Kraut will have served on the RIOC board for 25 years. He characterized it as a “difficult and complicated job.” He said, “I hope that the governor will continue to get our board properly staffed. Maybe then I can finally retire.”

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