Thanks for Sharing Your Story Ideas

Thank you for stopping by our table at Roosevelt Island Day, our third year in a row participating. This year we asked you to share story ideas with us. We taped brown paper to our table and had multi-colored Sharpie markers for you to write with. You shared everything from your artwork to your hopes and wishes about Roosevelt Island.

People wrote about the need for more programming for high school kids, increased access to our fields, more dance and basketball programs and the desire for a better soccer program. Three people wrote “more trams.” Surprisingly, only one person commented on our fledgling food scene, “We need real food choices here. This is NYC for heaven’s sake,” wrote “Lifelong Resident.”

Lauren Blankstein and Briana Warsing at Main Street WIRE table, by Rachel Dowling

People are very passionate about our green spaces and gardens. We received two profile ideas, Christina Delfico, the founder of iDig2learn and China Bushell from A Living Library. There are requests to bring back the children’s garden that used to be run by the RI Explorers out of Southtown that was forced to close by the board of one of the buildings there, “I never had so much fun or learned so much as when I was there,” wrote on Islander, and another complained about people throwing trash in the flower beds.

We enjoyed both your odes to Roosevelt Island, and your concerns, complaints and ideas and we thank you for coming to our table and participating.

images by Alexandre Tolipan, Anne-Marie Dannenberg and Rita De Cassia

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