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April 29, 2017

One of the reasons RIOC board member Margie Smith expressed for not running in this election was the feeling that she isn’t getting enough accomplished. This obligation to “get things done” does not fall on her shoulders alone. It belongs to all of us who have ideas to make our community better. 


There are matters that concern all of us, and solutions that could benefit all of us – ones we express in our safe spaces, on Facebook, in comments on the Roosevelt Islander Blog, or on the Roosevelt Island Parents’ Network. But getting things done requires action. So many of us don’t speak up where it counts, and don’t get involved. Is it the negativity of some few loud Islanders that hold us back from speaking our minds? 


Progress is not made that way. There has to be a willingness from each side to come together. 

There are proper channels, such as the public session at a RIOC Board meeting. Next meeting (May 25), when the RIOC Board and president are ready to listen, be there. That’s the easiest way to be heard. How can we expect improvement when so few of us show up?


Often, there is a curiously empty room. With all the Islanders who are vocal about problems, why don’t more attend? When the Board opens the floor to community voices, it is doing its part. Residents – despite the frustration they may feel – have to be open to cooperation. That’s an opportunity you have to take.


Activism is a long, ongoing process. Voice your views, create constructive dialogue, and engage in productive, meaningful activism. And don’t be discouraged by initial rejection. Change is possible, but never easy.




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