Howard Polivy Gives Too, Little Too Late

May 14, 2017


To the Editor:


Howard Polivy, RIOC Board member, participated in a nomination process in 2008, which had been fought for by the Maple Tree Group [MTG] since 1997. Accordingly, he was appointed by Governor Paterson and has served on the RIOC board for eight years.


After having an open seat for many years and a second seat open for the last eight months, it was decided by the Government Relations Committee of RIRA [which MTG morphed into] to have another nominating election to fill those seats, as well as the seats that have been expired for the last seven years. 


Four new residents and one existing Board member threw their hats in the ring. Howard Polivy decided not to, and instead put a letter in the last issue of The WIRE, after the election, explaining to us all his accomplishments.


That’s all he had to do in the first place – submit his bio to The WIRE like all others who were willing to, get signatures from the community, and go to Candidates’ Night to campaign for his seat. He chose to buck the system that got him on the Board in the first place.


In a democracy, one is allowed to vote out of office a person who you don’t agree with or who doesn’t represent you. In this case Howard, who has never fought for the residents of this Island, and continues to do what the Governor wants him to do, can again be reappointed to the Board by the Governor. By Howard not running for his seat, like all others, he has shown the Governor that he is one of them, and not one of us.


He obviously does not believe in supporting democracy. He has sold us out just like David Kraut, who has never campaigned for his seat and continues to remain on the Board.


Name withheld


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