Forgotten Family in Tim Sheehy's Story

May 27, 2017


To the Editor:


I was very disappointed that, for the second time, The Main Street WIRE, when writing about Tim Sheehy, failed to mention Tim’s family. His mother, Eileen Sheehy, has lived on Roosevelt Island for forty years and still lives here. Eileen and Timmy were very close when Timmy lived with her and she still mourns for him.  


I realize that Timmy’s widow also mourns him, but for a mother to lose a child is the worst thing that can happen – I know this from personal experience. 


Tim lived with Eileen for most of his life, and I often saw them together. Can you understand how hurt she feels when you write about Tim, and when she reads about events planned to honor him and she is not invited or consulted? 


Tim also has a father and brother who loved him.  


I don’t know why Timmy’s family was omitted from the paper. But it is terrible for a mother to read about her son and feel as if she never existed. 


I can’t imagine why The WIRE would do such a deed. I hope there is some way this can be remedied. I hate to see Timmy’s mother suffer, as do many others who know her.


Marta Martino



Editor’s Note: We are terribly sorry to hear that any feelings were hurt. The article in question was about a charity event being held on the Island by Project Main Street, an organization set up by Tim Sheehy, his widow, and close friends to benefit those with ALS. As a result, the article focused on interviews with people involved in the organization and with the annual Tim Sheehy Softball Classic Tournament. Our thoughts go out to all of the family and friends still mourning the loss of this remarkable Islander. 


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