Nice to Meet You!

June 14, 2017

Neighbors, it was lovely to see so many of you face to face last Saturday. For the first time ever, the Main Street WIRE had a booth on Roosevelt Island Day. It was a different experience for us. We are used to documenting and photographing the day’s events. Sitting down and waiting for people to come to us – that was new. 


Our goal is always to hear from you more, whether by email, over the phone, or in person. It’s the only way we can endeavor to speak to or for our fellow Islanders.


We had so many people come up to us to say, “I read every issue of the WIRE.” Thank you! It was a heartening reminder that this Island of ours is filled with thoughtful, engaged residents who believe in offering ideas and opinions in respectful and responsible ways. We cannot promise to always get everything right, but we will continue to strive to give this community that we love so much the most accurate and relevant facts we can – not just those shouted loudest. 


We asked Islanders who visited our booth to drop feedback or story suggestions into our “tip jar.” And we enjoyed reading what each of you had to say. Of course, we did find a few particularly juicy comments hidden among the story ideas and questions. Our two favorites sum up what it’s like to run the WIRE. One read, “Why do you ladies rock so hard?” (Answer: Is there any other way?) The other one, by far our favorite, was simply, “You lie!” To paraphrase sports columnist Bill Simmons, yup, these are our readers!


In all seriousness, though, let’s stay in touch. Feel free to reach out to us for any reason. Let us know when we get it wrong, how we’re doing, what types of stories you’d like more of, and what Island mysteries you’d like us to solve.


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