In Praise of Urgent Care

June 11, 2017


To the Editor:


What a very pleasant experience it was dealing with the Urgent Care Center on Main Street, Saturday June 3. My home attendant, Marilyn Thomas, had come to work that morning with a large bandage on her right thumb. She explained she had gotten it caught in an electric fan at her home three hours earlier. It was still bleeding so I encouraged her to go down to the Urgent Care Center, and we went.


Everyone couldn’t have been nicer. The medical assistant behind the desk, Michael Farira, actually filled out the registration form for Marilyn because she had difficulty writing. Nazia Ajani, the registered physician assistant, was the one who administered care to Marilyn’s thumb. She was very efficient, and yet, gentle and caring. Marilyn was petrified, and Nazia was able to calm her down and reassure her that her thumb would be fine. She medicated it, bandaged it, ordered antibiotics for her, and we were out of there in less than 45 minutes. If we had gone to the emergency room, we would have been there for hours. I highly recommend the Urgent Care Center. They were wonderful!


Nancy Brown


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