When Nature Calls

August 27, 2017

To the Editor:



Last year, I wrote about the lack of public bathrooms on the Island. The situation this summer is even more dire than a year ago.


Daily, visitors ask the staff of the Visitor Center where there are toilets. This summer the public bathroom at the Tram is out of service, due to construction. It is being replaced by three porta-potties. (We will not discuss the aroma or condition in mid-summer heat.) Anyway, the one bathroom has never met the needs of the thousands of passengers who pass through the station daily.


Our merchants and restaurants – Starbucks, Piccolo Trattoria, and Riverwalk – are overwhelmed by people seeking to use their facilities. I cannot blame a merchant for putting up an “Out of Order” sign to not accommodate persons just seeking relief.


It is a long walk to the toilets at Southpoint Park. There are also toilets in Sportspark. It’s time RIOC posted a sign outside Sportspark letting people know the bathrooms are right inside the front door. It is RIOC’s responsibility to provide [for] basic human needs and toilets are BASIC!


Also, with the ferry coming, it is time to build permanent facilities at Firefighters Field. Every week, groups rent porta-potties for their events. Wouldn’t it be easier to have permanent restrooms? We have funding for other projects and it is time to spend it on a necessity that is needed by all.


Judy Berdy

Roosevelt Island Historical Society


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