Kudos to Public Safety

October 30, 2017

To the Editor:


I would like to give some accolades to our Public Safety Department. My son’s bike was stolen from the basement of our building in early September. Two weeks ago, my husband was riding his bike by the river and there it was, chained like any normal bike facing the river. 


It had literally just appeared that day/evening. Since my husband had filed a report with PSD when it went missing, he went to PSD to see what they could do. The following couple of sentences are the most frustrating part of the story: The person at PSD that he spoke to told him we would need to call 911 and hope that the police would come out. It sounded absurd to me to use City resources to call 911 for a missing bike. 


I called PSD to get the number for our local precinct, and ended up having a long conversation with the same officer my husband had spoken to. I explained where the bike was and that it still had our building’s bike tag on it that would show definitive proof that the bike was ours. She placed me on hold, and when she got back on the line, said that her supervisor would go look at the bike and come by our building for the proof. 


Sergeant Denton did just that, along with another officer. They even took the time to come to my door to talk with me directly. Unfortunately, the bike log for my building was in the management office locked up for the evening. The officers did explain that I’d probably still have to call 911 to get the bike unlocked, but since I couldn’t show proof of ownership that night, he couldn’t call them for me. I had to wait until the morning and hope that the bike was still there when the management office opened.


To my relief it was still there the next morning, and Sergeant Denton was on duty the next morning, too. He came back to my building to see the log that proved the bike belongs to my son and is registered to my apartment. He then said he would contact his boss to see if PSD maintenance could clip the lock.


Within two hours, I was back by the river walking my son’s bike home. He was so happy returning from school that day to find his beloved bike waiting for him. I explained to him that PSD told me he should carry their number on his phone in case he is ever stopped by someone claiming the bike is theirs. He should explain what happened and offer to call PSD who would come to discuss the issue.


Though it was a bit frustrating to think about having to call 911 and not get things resolved right away, PSD handled the situation perfectly. They explained things and were very kind – and very funny! I’d like to say a public “Thank You” to Sergeant Denton and the other three officers that were involved.


Thank you to Jack McManus and the team that helped me!


Rhonda Pringle


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