Support Our School While Holiday Shopping

November 11, 2017

Back in the day, school PTAs relied on selling candy and wrapping paper to fund enrichment programs. Fast forward to 2017, and our purchasing habits have changed drastically. Most of us now purchase everything online from our mobile phones and laptops. Meanwhile, our schools’ needs have increased.


The ways in which we can support our public schools have also modernized. Thanks to affiliate programs, such as those offered by Amazon and Peapod, you can now support your school every time you make a purchase, without spending an additional penny to do so. 


The Island’s public school, PS/IS 217, now boasts two wonderful programs all residents can easily participate in to support our kids.


Amazon Affiliates


PS/IS 217 is enrolled in the Amazon Associates program. When you make a purchase from Amazon using the school’s Amazon link, Amazon donates a certain percentage of your purchase (between 2 and 10 percent) to the school. You don’t have to contribute anything beyond the normal cost of your purchase. 


For this to work, you must start and complete your purchase in one session using the school’s Amazon link:


To make this easier, create a bookmark in your browser that you can use every time you need to make a purchase. You can also access the link anytime on the PTA webpage: The only items excluded from the affiliate program are gift cards and wine.


One last caveat: Time matters when you use this link. For it to work, you must purchase the items at the same time that you put them in your cart. You can’t leave them in your cart and return later to click Buy. 


If you’re like me, and you tend to “window shop” before deciding on a purchase, that’s alright. Just put the items you are still contemplating in your “Save for Later” cart, and when you are ready to purchase them, use the link again. 


A+ Rewards


Have you noticed Peapod trucks traveling up and down Main Street delivering groceries to your neighbors? Peapod is Stop & Shop’s online retailer. And now there is a way to help PS/IS 217 while doing what you’d be doing anyway: grocery shopping. 


The program is called A+ Rewards and it works like this: Every time you purchase your groceries and your Stop & Shop card is scanned, you earn points. 


At the end of each month, the points earned are used in a calculation to determine your school’s cash total, which is then automatically credited to your school’s account. Peapod customers can also earn points by adding their Stop & Shop card numbers to their Peapod accounts. 


You can get a card in person at any Stop & Shop, or get one online by creating an account at (the closest store is Long Island City, NY 11104). After your successful registration, click Print Temporary Card and write the number down. You’ll need it to register the school and to register with Peapod.


To support PS/IS 217 with A+ rewards, go to to add the school to your store card. PS/IS 217’s school ID number: 40678. (You only have to do this once.) 


If you want to order groceries online, you’ll also need to add your card number to your Peapod account ( To those of you who use Fresh Direct’s grocery delivery, the Peapod delivery schedule is similar but I find the prices to be better.  


Once you have an account, go to My Account / User Information / Stop & Shop Card and type in your Stop & Shop card number.


The A+ rewards program runs only from October to March, so now is the time to start shopping with Peapod and Stop & Shop for your groceries. 


Your physical card will arrive in four to six weeks in the mail, and all your family members can use the same card. There are many other benefits of using Stop & Shop and Peapod. For example, they accept manufacturer coupons, special sales, Gas Point Rewards, and digital coupons, among others.


With the hundreds of Amazon packages that arrive here daily and the steady stream of grocery deliveries, it’s time for our residents to take advantage of these companies’ programs to give back to our community – our little paradise.




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