Let’s Fight Sky-High Utilities

March 26, 2018

To my fellow Manhattan Park residents, including 2-4 River Road:

Over the past few years, the electric bills coming from Manhattan Park management have become truly out of control. Tenants with one-bedroom apartments are being billed over $600 for one month of electricity, which is completely out of line with other similar-sized apartments in the city. 



I personally had an issue with discrepancies in my electric bill, but when I approached Manhattan Park Manager Brian Weisberg to discuss, he gave me the run-around for nearly six months. He could not answer any of my questions, and kept telling me about some mysterious “meter checking,” which never happened, despite my numerous attempts to set this up. As someone with a full-time job, I ultimately gave up on this, and just vowed to wear extra sweaters and socks in my home. My apartment regularly goes down to 44 degrees and below, but I have no other choice. 


If you find yourself in a similar situation, I ask that you contact Deborah L. Sippel at the Office of Consumer Services. She can be reached by phone at 518-322-4019 or by email at Deborah.Sippel@dps.ny.gov. She is aware of several other complaints against Manhattan Park, and the more people who report this issue, the better leverage we have as tenants.


Please take a few minutes out of your day and reach out to Mrs. Sippel. She wants to help us and, if we work together, we can hopefully get our electric bills back to an affordable point. 


Resident of Manhattan Park for over 10 years 


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