Fix Helix Traffic Snarl

April 18, 2018


To the Editor: 


Roosevelt Island’s temporary traffic light is creating traffic delays for cars and the Red Bus, even if the drivers have no intention of using the Helix to get off of Main Street. The police have set up barriers blocking a second lane instead of allowing the option of proceeding straight ahead after stopping. The red light should not be a full red light, but be a red light with an arrow only for those turning onto the Helix.


On the upper level, the line of cars waiting to enter the Island currently blocks access to the parking garage if one is driving up from the Island. A small, permanent “Don’t block the box” would help solve this.


Cars coming onto the Island that wish to enter Motorgate are also getting caught in the Helix traffic malestrom. We could increase the odds of avoiding the line if the cars were shifted forward a little, allowing some cars to enter the garage unimpeded.


And lastly, on the upper level, as one drives out of Motorgate to drive around the ramp to leave the Island, there is no longer the direct option to drive down the ramp as it is fully blocked by barriers. This is understandable, but why does the stop sign still exist? There is no option to merge. The stop sign should be temporarily covered because it currently does not make any sense.


Neal Weissman




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