No One Can Do It Alone

June 13, 2018

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes and differing perspectives to inspire, challenge, and make change. That’s what I saw at the Weill Cornell Hackathon. That’s what I’ve been observing at the past couple of RIRA meetings. That’s what we are trying to do here at The WIRE.


Two years ago, Kelly Turner joined me at the helm of The WIRE. From the first piece that she edited, her talent was so apparent I vowed to never even write a text without asking for her edit. It was also such sweet relief to be able to shift some of the responsibility onto her very capable shoulders, to divvy up our tasks, and to plan ahead. For every story of mine that you have enjoyed reading these past two years, you have her to thank.


Successful partnerships are based in service, not selfishness; and ours has come directly from our mutual belief in what we’re doing. While I do the bulk of the reporting and writing, and handle the business, she edits, does the layout of the paper, and maintains – and spent last summer designing – our website (though her byline does appear on one of my favorite stories we published this year). Our partnership has provided the space for us to generate innovative ideas and it has come directly from the efforts of each of us contributing to the whole. Her fresh eyes have enabled The WIRE to grow in ways Dick and I had never even considered. 


One of those ways is having a table at Roosevelt Island Day, something we did last year, and are doing again. This year, however, we are joined by some of our co-organizers of the Get Out! screening we held in April. At the table, we will provide some ways for the community to participate more fully in the conversation than was possible at the screening. The purpose is fleshed out more fully in J. Khadijah Abdurahman’s piece. 


Our next issue is Kelly’s last. She and her family will move at the end of this month to Los Angeles. Please join me in wishing her the very best. 


After visiting our table on Roosevelt Island Day, make sure you donate blood. At last night’s RIRA meeting, a representative from the New York Blood Center shared that there is only one day’s worth of blood remaining in their stock. She said Roosevelt Island’s contribution these past 17 years has saved 600 lives, and that typically we provide 50 pints per year. 


Please go to the Farmer’s Market today and sign up to donate on Roosevelt Island Day. Fifteen minutes can save a life.                      


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