Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Roosevelt Landings Hallway

October 24, 2018

A 32-year old man was robbed of his wallet and money by four unidentified males at gunpoint early this morning in a 540 Main Street, fourth floor hallway, Public Safety Officials confirmed.


The victim was not injured, PSD officials said.


The incident was first reported at 12:53am. New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives are now working with PSD to investigate and are seeking surveillance video that may have captured the incident, or the suspects fleeing the scene.




Onlookers noted six NYPD vehicles with their cars parked on both sides of the street – four outside NISI, the rest outside PSD – temporarily lighting up that section of Main Street and bringing 18 officers to the scene. An FDNY ambulance was also called to assess injuries.


In mid-August, an Islander took aim at a luxury Upper East Side apartment building from Roosevelt Island. A week later, 22-year old Island resident Farris Koruma surrendered to authorities at the 114th Precinct in northwest Queens. Following the shooting, a community meeting was held by the 114th Precinct Commander, Deputy Inspector Osvaldo "Ozzie" Nuñez.


That incident notwithstanding, Nuñez maintained that Roosevelt Island is the “quietest part of the 114th precinct.” He explained that of the seven major index crimes tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 1000 have occurred in 2018 in the precinct. Of that 1000, only 21 have taken place on Roosevelt Island.


The perpetrator of the shooting this summer, Farris Koruma has an extensive arrest history with 17 prior arrests, some of them for violent crimes, that include one period of incarceration. According to Nuñez, Koruma is a “crew member.” Crews, explained Nuñez, are “interchangeable with gangs,” but he clarified that “gangs are bigger. Crews are more local, they only cover a couple of blocks.”


“There is one crew we track on this Island,” Nuñez said, “it is largely inactive, but he is a member of it.” The crew has 15 members in total, 14 of whom live here. It was been almost a year since the last arrest of a crew member. Four of the crewmembers have been arrested with firearms.


Nuñez said there was a pattern of burglaries late last year, and they arrested someone who is part of Koruma’s crew for the crimes. It is still unknown by authorities whether this incident was committed by a crew member as well.


Prior to the August shooting, the last incident of gun violence on the Island took place four years ago. PSD Chief Jack McManus explained, “Two residents via social media met up with a guy presumably to buy marijuana and they attempted to rip him off. In the process he got shot, and one of the perpetrators got shot. We know a lot of the players. That was the last firearm related incident. We don’t take a lot of firearms in.”




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