Give us Turkeys, Not Santa's Sled!

November 9, 2018


This is an example of marketing 101 gone wrong!


It reminds me of when my kids were little and outgrew their bathing suits the second week of August. So we drove to the shopping mall and all the stores only had snowsuits. Then in early February, they outgrew their snowsuits, we drove to the mall and they only had swimsuits!


C’mon RIOC…where are the Thanksgiving turkeys?


 Christmas decorations in the Good Shepherd Plaza 


And that sled blocking the farmers market or access to Rivercross while the scaffolding for Local Law 11 is still up? And by the way, even while they were setting up the decorations in Good Shepherd Plaza, some kids were already climbing onto the sled with no supervision. Wait…did RIOC increase liability insurance to cover kids who fall and break their heads on the hard walkway? How about moving the sled to the south lawn, near the Christmas tree!


Oh wait…silly me for expecting RIOC to think!



Raye Schwartz

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