Feel-Good Eat-Good Takeout Comes to Southtown

January 24, 2019

Hudson Related has announced that juice, smoothies and tea will be coming to Southtown in the spring of 2019. Jupioca, a chain with eight other locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn signed a 10-year, 700-square foot lease at 455 Main Street, in the space that previously housed the Swan Nail Salon. On the menu at Jupioca are juices, tea, superfood green smoothies, protein shakes and acai bowls, inspired by high-quality, fresh and nutritious natural ingredients.


 Acai berries hail from South America and Central America. Indigenous people of the Amazon long used the acai berry for health-related reasons. It has claimed “superfood” status in the United States for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Because the acai berry is so delicate, transportation is difficult. You will most likely find it as a powder, in a capsule or as an ingredient in a smoothie or juice.


“Jupioca will be a fantastic complement to the other offerings on the Island,” said Alex Kaplan, Project Manager at The Hudson Companies. “We are glad to have quickly occupied the former nail salon space with a new and exciting option for Roosevelt Island residents and visitors.” After ten years of business, Swan Salon closed in September of 2017. A rumor on the Island was that Starbucks would be expanding into the Swan Salon space.


“We are committed to introducing every American to incredibly nutritious drinks so that everyone can enjoy their benefits,” said Jin Zheng, owner of Jupioca. Jupioca was established in 2009 when two businesses, one that made bubble teas and the other that had expertise in crafting healthy juices, joined forces to come up with a unique combination of juice and tapioca. The name Jupioca is a combination of juice and tapioca.


“Just make our no-sugar, highly nutritious drinks a part of your daily routine and see the incredible difference they make to your lifestyle. And we are so happy to announce – we are going to have Thai Roll Ice cream, a very popular frozen dessert in Asia!” says Zheng.


Thai roll ice cream is made to order by hand. Each serving takes about two minutes. A cup of flavored milk-based liquid is poured on to an extremely cold metal circle that like a round cookie sheet, or a pizza pan. Toppings are chopped into the base. As it freezes, it is chopped, mixed, spread and rolled right in front of you. Once the ice cream evenly covers the circle, a spatula is run across it and turns strips of it into rolls. The rolls are then placed carefully in a cup and topped with items like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh fruit.


Jupioca’s drinks will be sourced daily from fresh and locally grown vegetables and fruits.


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