10-Year-Old Soccer-Loving Islander Wants RIOC to Reconsider Permitting

February 26, 2019

I have written this letter to address you about the problem at the Octagon soccer field. It's going to be closed for a long time and Firefighter's is the only field we can play soccer, but only on Fridays. Octagon Field is used by me and lots of other kids on the Island.


Octagon Field is a public space where you can meet up with your friends and play soccer. It is ridiculous for RIOC to permit the field! I use the field to play because it is the only place to play soccer and I love playing soccer and I play it every day. I will not just play for a couple of hours one time a week!



Since the field has been closed, I have to commute to Mannahatan to play soccer. There are other kids who now do not play the sport they love because, where will you play it?  It is not right for RIOC to take away something that lots of kids love to do and then charge us for it. Since when has RIOC become so greedy?


Noam Spincemaille, 10 years old

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