Kindness Rules All Year Round at 217


Students in Class 402, spread the love on Valentine’s Day in honor of Respect For All Week


PS/IS 217 was bustling with especially enthusiastic students last month. Not merely due to the fun and engaging learning and growing that typically happens here, but because at the end of February we celebrated Respect for All week! Students from PreK - eighth grade were eager to tackle the Kindness Challenge checklist, and participated in daily activities that centered around empathy, gratitude, acceptance, collaboration and respect.


“I liked making the stars most.  You can show people what you are feeling and what your thoughts are,” Lucy Sadlier, a second grader remarked.

 Lucy Sadlier, second from left is in Ms. Shuster's second grade class

One highlight of the week was when student representatives from the elementary and middle school visited the Senior Center. Students interacted with and delivered over 300 handmade Valentines Day cards from our students. Ella Argaluza, a fifth grade representative reflected, “ I loved seeing the look on the seniors faces when they got the cards... they felt really cared about.”


 Students from Ms. Warren's third grade class show off their Valentine's Day cards

Students had a truly meaningful time connecting with the seniors, “I felt amazing making others happy. Some even hugged their cards!” exclaimed Gemma Bongiorni, a fellow fifth grader. All were in agreement, that returning for another visit was a must! Many even asked, “Can we stay?”Despite the fact that the official Kindness Challenge is over, here at 217, this is a challenge that we are committed to daily! To that end, the school staff are also involved in their own challenge and participate in five school wide improvement teams, below.








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