The Island is Ours; No More Cherry Blossom Festival

April 20, 2019

Of the all ill-judged, silly, and dangerous things: 30,000 people on our small Island, without any thought to appropriate restrooms, transportation, or safety. 

I saw a line of people at our lovely little library using the library's single restroom. Apparently it was in constant use for three and a half hours. Does anyone want to think about the condition of that bathroom? That restroom is near the area set aside for young children? Does anyone want to think about their needs? 

Whether it's ten thousand or thirty thousand people, the plan is untenable. Filthy bathrooms, litter on the ground, people pulling down the branches of the trees they came to admire, traffic jams, a dangerous situation with the subway. RIOC and the other planners of this foolish event are lucky that no one was hurt.  

Leave us to the quiet enjoyment of our Island.  Seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year.


 Photograph by Alexandre Tolipan


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