Concerns About Figment Arise After Cherry Blossom Festival

April 21, 2019

What will Roosevelt Island be like for Figment NYC this year?  


This glorious event, held in the past on the non-resident Governor's Island, is being held for the first time ever this year on Roosevelt Island. 


In trying to look on the bright side, the only positivity I can find is that maybe... just maybe the Woodstock of Roosevelt Island's 2019 Cherry Blossom Festival happened to serve as a wake-up call to alert RIOC and The Powers That Be here on Roosevelt Island to re-think how to handle Figment NYC this year. 


Over 14,000 people live here on Roosevelt Island, and we have only one street.  We could not accommodate all of the tourists this year for the one-day long Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival, how will we be able to safely accommodate the two-day long Figment NYC Extravaganza without disturbing Roosevelt Island Residents' way of life? 


Neither our public safety department nor the four police officers from the NYPD were able to manage the 30,000 visitors who came for the Cherry Blossom Festival. What if if Figment NYC visitors decide to camp-out and spend the night here on Roosevelt Island in order to avoid going home because of traffic?  What will RIOC do, ticket them? 


Even if they don’t exactly camp-out, they might stake-out all over the Island waiting until maybe even 11pm to leave, in an effort to avoid the traffic. 


After Roosevelt Island's very own Woodstock, who truly believes Figment NYC will really look like this "well-thought out plan ?  


Any event of this scale should not be held in a predominantly residential community!  Events like this are held on Governor's Island for a reason; unclear to Roosevelt Island Residents and RIOC until this year's Cherry Blossom Festival disaster. 


If RIOC does not heed the warning of this year's Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival, then RIOC may not be so lucky to be able to state that Figment NYC transpired for the first time ever on Roosevelt Island without a hitch and without any reported arrests or severe injuries. 


I did notice that RIOC was silent about the negative debilitating impact the Cherry Blossom Festival had on Island residents, despite all of the posts on social media and emails they received. 


There are NYC recommendations for events drawing in crowds of 4,000 + visitors. These recommendations were not followed as preventative means to smooth the waves for even the 10,000 visitors the Cherry Blossom Festival drew to Roosevelt Island last year.  I'm not even sure if these NYC recommendations for events drawing in crowds of 4,000 + visitors is actually supposed to apply to predominantly residential areas of New York City.  Roosevelt Island is not only a predominantly residential area, but it is an Island, surrounded completely by water, with no ability to spread out past its 800ft wide footprint. 


I'm sure there are statutes regulating predominantly residential inhabited areas of NYC, and I'm sure they were broken during the 2019 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival. Yes, maybe only an admonishment was given to RIOC and The Powers That Be for not enacting NYC's residential statutes since this year's 30,000 visitor crowd may possibly be shrugged off due to plausible deniability for the mere fact that no one ever dreamed such a large a crowd would be drawn all at once to our Roosevelt Island.  However, this certainly will not be the case anymore, from Sunday April 14th, 2019 foward.  


We need to make sure NYC knows how RIOC is breaking its residential laws, because they were put in place to make sure events such as these do not interfere with residential people's regular rhythm of life! 


We the people of Roosevelt Island need to start speaking up together,  in unison, as one voice and help RIRA with its dauntingly noble fight to protect us!  


Everyone who resides here, lives here because Roosevelt Island is a quiet sanctuary with fields of green just ten minutes away from Manhattan.  I, as I'm sure many of you, also chose to live here because of how uniquely family-friendly and safe Roosevelt Island is.  Let's make sure this statement does not turn into a was! 


Please help!  


The following certainly hyped up Roosevelt Island Tourists as well.  They were likely expecting pink sidewalks... pink buses... pink tram... for the ROSÉVELT ISLAND!  Maybe tourists believed Three Olives' April fools prank


A Three Olives Vodka April Fool's Joke announced it had rebranded Roosevelt Island into Rosévelt Island.  


































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