Living on Dog Island

May 1, 2019

Frankly, while I always liked dogs before moving to Roosevelt Island several years ago, I now find the sheer number of dog-pets on the Island to be extremely annoying, and the number seems to be proliferating (at least, in my apartment building).


One day recently, while I was standing at the front desk speaking with the concierge, a tenant’s dog, who had been taken outside to relieve himself, apparently found it too cold outdoors to do his duty—so his owner brought him back into the lobby, where he promptly delivered a huge pile of excrement on the lobby floor, six-inches from my feet.


Also, I do not enjoy sharing an elevator ride for multiple floors in my apartment building with a dog-walker whose two dogs are sniffing at my grocery sack or my purse—or me.


 Most of the dogs are clean, but some do have very stinky fur, and riding in a small-space elevator with them is just not pleasant.


We pay a very high price for our apartment rentals, and for that price, we should expect an atmosphere of cleanliness and a peaceful entry to, and exit from, our apartments. More than once, I have had to ask the janitor to mop dog pee from the hallway or the elevators.


And now, with the doggie-grooming business, Pupculture, coming in, bringing with it delivery trucks whose drivers flaunt the Island’s parking laws, and who drive carelessly in an area used by handicapped adults in wheelchairs, as well as many small children—I don’t think it is unreasonable to complain about dog-culture and Pupculture becoming a nuisance on Roosevelt Island.


Cats or goldfish, anyone?

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